Total Trekking Distance: 45 Kms Highest Altitude: 4650 mts
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Rupin offers a perfect balance of challenge and beauty. At 15380 ft, Rupin is amongst the top high altitude passes in Himachal. What makes this trek special is that in 8 days, one covers crosses 2 districts and 4 Himalayan villages, and gains almost three times the altitude that one starts from! Rupin also offers spellbinding views, beautiful meadow walks and amazing campsites.
 About the Area:
Rupin is geographically a unique trek. On this trek you are very close to Chainsheel ghati and in Himachal it runs close to the Baspa valley. Both these area are well preserved secrets in their respective.
Expected weather:
  • Chances of Rain/ Hail – Mild to moderate rain can be expected in June. (Though monsoon hits most parts of the country in June, it reaches Uttrakhand properly only after the 15th of June.)
  • Snow on trail – Less likely
  • Temperatures: Afternoon upto 25 degrees( First two afternoons can get hot sometimes), Nights around 0 degrees (June) at higher camps
  • Chances of Rain/Hail – Mild to moderate rain can be expected in September.
  • Snow on trail – Possible snowfall in October
  • Temperatures: Afternoon upto 20 degrees and Nights around -10 to -12 degrees (Oct) at higher camps
  • Day 1 - Drive from Dehradun to Changsheel; Overnight stay in homestay. Drive time - 10 hours
  • Day 2 - Drive from Changsheel to Bawta. Trek from Bawta (1850 mts) to Jiskun (2300 mts): Trek Time - 1 hours ; Trek Distance - 2 Kms
  • Day 3 - Jiskun (2300 mts) to Buransh Kandi (3200 mts): Trek Time - 8 hours ; Trek Distance - 11 Kms
  • Day 4 - Buransh Kandi (3200 mts)to Dhanderas Thatch (3564 mts): Trek Time-3 hours ; Trek Distance - 4 Kms
  • Day 5 - Acclimatization Day
  • Day 6 - Dhanderas thatch (3564 mts) to Upper Waterfall camp (3991 mts); Trek Time - 3 hours ; Trek Distance - 2.5 Kms
  • Day 7 - Upper Waterfall camp (3991 mts) to Rupin Pass (4686 mts) via Rati Pheri, further on to Ronti Gad (3991 mts); Trek Time- 10 hours ; Trek Distance - 11 Kms
  • Day 8 - Ronti Gad (3991 mts) to Sangla (2620 mts) Via Sangla Kanda (3481 mts); Trek Time-7 hours ; Trek Distance - 14 Kms
  • All accommodation and food from Day 1 (Dinner) to Day 8 (Lunch)
  • Rentals for all common gear provided to you like tent, sleeping bags etc.
  • Forest entry permission charges.
  • Guide and expertise charges.


The first two days from Dhaula are very hot and not quite scenic. You walk on a concrete road (where vehicles pass) for major portions of it too! The first two days are also very infamous for flies too. This degrades the experience.