Wandering Boots is an adventure facilitator that promises offbeat outdoor experience to curious explorers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Since 2017, we have operated over 50 treks, 8 expeditions, and expanded our family with over 500 trekkers. We plan and execute authentic and unique adventure trips with an undying focus on taking our trekkers along the roads less traveled.
We focus on providing a thrill of an offbeat route, correct trekking and mountaineering techniques, memorable cultural experiences, exciting wildlife spotting, interesting stories behind the mountains… the list is endless. With this in mind, our trips are handcrafted with personal experiences of our trek leaders and our founder. They are suited such that our trekkers are comfortable and driven to go that extra beat and do the extra-ordinary. 
Along with value for money and quality service, we offer safety of our trekkers, right sized groups, achievable yet challenging complexities of the trips and most importantly a truly unconventional experience. Staying with locals in the hikes, eating local food and indulging in local clothing, making new friends for life with Shephards, Pathans, Sherpas, Subbas, Apatnis, Gorkhas etc. are some remarkable examples of our exemplary trips.
We invite you to take a break from your busy hustle bustle of life to find your true self. Get in touch with us to lose yourself to the nature only to find a better you.