We believe the realm of outdoor exploring and adventure activities is expanding beyond the norms of yore. There has been an evident leap in the aspirations of adventure enthusiasts and outdoor explorers. With the development in technical gear, the easy accessibility to unexplored lands and peaks, and the determination of individuals today, goals which otherwise would seem “crazy” or “unachievable” are now appearing in the horizon of achievable possibility.

Wandering Boots Adventures gives an encouragement to this movement. We strongly rally for the undying spirit of humankind to aim for the unexplored. We vibe with the community of men and women who challenge their previous selves to become a better version of themselves. This unrelenting nature of human spirit is just what our adventure and outdoor industry needs.

When we take our trekkers for treks, we form a community. We make relationships such that our trekkers always come back to us to better their skills and knowledge, and in the progress of our trekkers lies the progress of Wandering Boots Adventures.

We have observed a correct, conscious, and consistent shift in our trekkers towards method of trekking, use of gear, fitness, knowledge of terrain and peaks, and care for environment from the first trek they do with us and to the third or fourth trek. It is this kind of community that Wandering Boots Adventures is optimistic of building and co-creating.

None of our aspirations would’ve been fulfilled without the help and aid of the locals. We call them the silent heroes of our expeditions. With due gratitude to them and with utmost reverence for Mother Nature, we constantly strive to be a part of the upliftment of the locals and the conservation of nature, by bringing to surface the underlying problems and working towards the solutions and providing aid as necessary. 

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