Cancellation, Return and Evacuation Policy

In case of cancellation 
If you cancel – 
– 60 days before the trip: we can process a complete refund minus minimum processing charges.
– between 30-45 days before the trip: you will be refunded 50% of the trek fee.
– within 30 days before trek starts: No refund.
– and your spot is replaced in a full batch: we will process a complete refund after canceling minute operational charges. (For fixed departures only)

In case of a natural calamity –
As an organisation, we will try to complete the trip to the best of our abilities and resources in our hand. If that isn’t possible, then the participants will have to accept the same.
We will nonetheless provide accommodation and food for the duration of the trip if such a situation arises. If one wishes to return early, the cost will have to be borne by the person individually.

In case of a Medical Emergency –
If there is a medical emergency on the trip, we will provide and facilitate your evacuation to the nearest medical facility.
Trek and Expedition Specific –  Our team is medically trained and well capable of handling such situations. We will also see to it that one staff
accompanies you to the nearest road head.
In any case, the participants will have to bear the expenses if we have to arrange for a mule (trek specific), car or a helicopter for their rescue.

Fitness Policy (For treks)
The trekkers are expected to prepare well for the trek. (Refer the Fitness / workout section)
By failing to do so, you put your life, the guides life and the life of other participants in jeopardy. In such cases. where the participant’s inability to cope with stipulated trekking time on a consistent basis is observed, we will have a staff accompany you back to the nearest town/city. You will have to
cover your expenses and stay from there on.
This hardly ever happens though, our team is very patient and encouraging.

Covid safety & Regulations

How Are We Making Your adventures Safer?

We don’t compromise on safety.

Healthy Guide to Participant ratio –
We are always well staffed and try hard to always maintain a guide to participant ratio of 1:5 (for easy treks ) and 1:4 (for difficult treks). With lesser participants, the guides and the leader can take care of the group much better and chances of mishaps go down.

Experienced and Certified Trip leads –
Some of the most experienced trek leads lead your trips. We don’t believe in sending newbies! All the leads are Trained Wilderness First Responder from NOLS and have years of experience in handling medical emergencies and evacuations in the mountains.

Additional Safety Equipments –
Along with smaller groups, we always carry a high altitude medical kit and oxygen cylinder with each group .

Proper Planning –
We plan all our trips well in advance and always have contingency plans if anything goes wrong.

How are we making your experience better?

We take a smaller batch size (Max 12-15 explorers) –
We believe that more participants in a group, makes the trail crowded and the experience poorer. Less participants means that the guides and leader can take care of the group much better. They are also able to share more information – about the flora and fauna, the culture of the place, making the experience richer. With lesser people, you are likely to spot more birds and animals.

Nutritious meal which are properly spaced –
Very often, because of the distance, participants find themselves hungry for long parts of the trail. After a good days walk, you require a proper meal. Our meals are planned in a manner in which you don’t go long without food and you eat a complete meal every time!
Leads or guides who have done the trip lead your groups
We don’t believe in leaving any loopholes. Staff who have done the trail themselves accompany you on the trip.

Proper guidance before the trip –
Our coordinator (who is also aptly experienced) is available on call and message before the trip to answer any queries regarding preparation, gear required and trail.

A Cultural experience –
A trip provides a perfect means to explore the area and the culture. We plan our trips in a manner in which you experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals, get to eat local delicacies, learn more about the flora and fauna of the area. Our guides are trained and informative and we love to share!


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